PADI Junior Programs

Bubblemaker and Bubblemaker Parties

PADI Bubblemaker is a great way to introduce children to Scuba diving - the fun starts here!

The PADI Bubblemaker experience allows children to find out what scuba diving is like in a safe environment under the direct care and supervision of a PADI Instructor. They will learn about scuba diving equipment and use it to take their first breaths underwater.

We can also celebrate a birthday or other occasion by throwing a memorable, exciting Bubblemaker – what a fantastic treat!!

To support the experience we have the Bubblemaker crewpack as a memento of their visit to the underwater world. The pack includes: a beach towel, log book, certificate, temporary tattoo emblem and a popular Bubblemaker action figure.


What are the prerequisites for the experience?

To take part in the Bubblemaker experience the following apply:

·       Children must be a minimum of 8 years old.

·       Medical conditions must be met - the medical questions are on the Bubblemaker Statement which can be found here These must be answered honestly and truthfully as they relate to the safety of you child whilst diving.

·       They do not have to be accomplished swimmers to take part in the experience but they should be comfortable in the water.

We share pick up/drop off duties with other parents. Can someone else bring my child(ren) along?

No. A parent or legal guardian must attend with the child(ren) at the start of a PADI Bubblemaker program undertaken with Scubaducks Dive Centre.

We set this condition because the paperwork which we require you to fill out has to be completed correctly as it relates to the safety of your child. Part of this relates to a safety briefing which must be heard by both parent and child and requires a signature from each person to show they have listened to this.

All paperwork has to be signed by a parent or legal guardian and we are VERY particular about this. ANY mistakes or omissions will result in disappointment as we will not allow the child in the water.

What happens if I answer “Yes” to any of the medical questions?

The medical questionnaire is used to ensure that your child is generally fit to dive and must be answered truthfully. If there are any positive answers then this does not necessarily rule them out from diving but they must receive approval from your GP. We use an additional medical questionnaire which contains a form for your GP to sign as well as some notes for their consideration.

Can I start the course and get medical approval prior to final sign-off?

No. We are required to ensure participants are fit to dive before they are accepted on to the experience and we must have a GPs approval if any conditions have been noted.

Can I persuade you to overlook this answer or give me a fresh form to fill out?

No. None of our staff are medically trained and as such are not in a position to make judgement calls on whether a particular individual is medically fit to dive. As the forms are a self-certification they should be completed honestly – if any of our staff become aware of medical conditions subsequently then they will require a GPs sign-off before allowing the child to continue with the course.

Please, please, please, can I persuade you to overlook this answer or give me a fresh form to fill out? Pretty please?


When do you run Bubblemaker?

Bubblemaker is usually run at the weekend by arrangement but we can also arrange sessions during the week e.g. during half term. Our regular course calendar can be found here

How long does the session take?

Bubblemaker sessions will last around 2 hours.

Where does the session take place?

We have a pool on-site in Aylesbury. This is heated so there won’t be any problem keeping warm.

What gear do I need?

All you will need to bring along a swimming costume and towel – everything else is provided for you.

I have completed a Bubblemaker session – what next?

That’s great. Well, you have the option of further Bubblemaker sessions or you can enrol on the PADI Seal Team program to learn much more about diving.

Following on from this you can enrol on the PADI Junior Open Water course to become a certified scuba diver!!